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Virgin Gorda BVI

Stay awhile on Virgin Gorda BVI and there's no escaping the blissfully slow pace that pervades every aspect of this island. Second only to Tortola among the British Virgin Islands in both size and population, Virgin Gorda BVI and its people embody the laid-back spirit of the Caribbean, with a casual charm that's distinctly British and a friendliness all their own. Snorkeling, hiking, and lolling about on white sand beaches make Virgin Gorda BVI a spectacular place to visit, but don't expect Virgin Gorda BVI to be crowded and touristy; residents of Virgin Gorda BVI and the British Virgin Islands in general have done much to preserve the quiet allure of yesteryear here, refusing to accept direct foreign flights and regulating modern building contracts to suit the quaint architectural nature of Virgin Gorda BVI. Visitors to Virgin Gorda BVI, rather, leisurely bob in on boats - a perfect beginning to what will undoubtedly be a most leisurely tropical getaway.

Some practical info about Virgin Gorda BVI to know before heading there:

Currency on Virgin Gorda BVI:
The US dollar is the official currency of the British Virgin Islands, but other currency can be easily exchanged at Virgin Gorda BVI banks.

Virgin Gorda BVI Entry Requirements:
Passport requirements: Entry requirements vary for each destination, it is your responsibility to verify you have the correct documents prior to travel. July 1, 2005 a valid passport is required for travel to Virgin Gorda. January 1, 2006 a valid passport is required for travel to all the Caribbean and Mexico.

Driving on Virgin Gorda BVI:
Driving in the British Virgin Islands is done on the left-hand side of the road.

Virgin Gorda BVI Electricity:
Electricity here is the same as in North America - 110 volts.

Virgin Gorda BVI Time Zone:
Virgin Gorda BVI falls within the Atlantic Standard Time zone, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Language on Virgin Gorda BVI:
The official language of the British Virgin Islands is English, though it is spoken with a West Indian accent and often contains unusual phrases particular to the area.

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Other Information for your vacation in Virgin Gorda: