Virgin Gorda Map

Virgin Gorda BVI Virgin Gorda Map

Looking at a Virgin Gorda map you get the impression that the island would snap apart in the slightest breeze -one bulge in the middle is the only part of a Virgin Gorda map with any meat to it, with the rest of its 8 square miles (21 square km) distributed along a skinny arm of land stretching amongst the British Virgin Islands. Tiny Virgin Gorda, however, is second only in territory and population to Tortola, a good indication of the island's sparseness and natural appeal. Case in point: pinpoint Spanish Town on the southwest coast of this Virgin Gorda map and you've located the region's 'hub' - yet this tranquil assortment of small shops and a marina can just barely be considered a town at all. The island's attraction, rather, are its secluded bays and coves that scallop the Virgin Gorda map around its edges, perfect for snorkeling or a day spent reading under a shady palm. Mountains dot the interior of this Virgin Gorda map for those interested in a little hiking, and a stop at the one or two relatively busy beaches on Virgin Gorda will remove any sense of worry that you may just be the only ones here. The island can be explored in a day if you'd like or a week depending on how many little nooks you find, so grab a Virgin Gorda map like this one and discover what the Caribbean hideaway has to offer.

Virgin Gorda Map (click map to enlarge)

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