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Health and safety concerns rarely arise on Virgin Gorda, though keeping aware of the risks is always the best method of preparation for your trip. One of the biggest health issues on Virgin Gorda has to do with overexposure to the sun. Many travelers fail to adequately protect themselves against the strong Caribbean sun, often spending all day on the beach outside of their Virgin Gorda lodging without sunscreen. Sunbathers should seek shade in their Virgin Gorda lodging, especially during the hottest afternoon hours.

Because the island is small, visitors staying in any Virgin Gorda lodging should be within a short distance of the island's hospital, the Medicure Health Center, or pharmacy in Spanish Town. Emergency pick-up is available from any Virgin Gorda lodging, whose staff or facilities should be equipped to handle any health or security issues. From your Virgin Gorda lodging, dialing '999' will connect you to the general emergency sight which handles situations requiring fire, ambulance, or police assistance.

A few general precautions can be taken to avoid most security problems on Virgin Gorda. Though petty theft and crime of any nature is rare here, common sense dictates that you should not leave valuables unattended while on the beach, or behind at your Virgin Gorda lodging while out for the day.

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