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There should be no problem keeping in touch from Virgin Gorda villa rentals, as all are equipped with the most modern amenities in telecommunications. Telephones in Virgin Gorda villa rentals should offer direct international dialing that can be charged to a major credit card like MasterCard or Visa. Loved ones or business partners calling in to Virgin Gorda villa rentals from the United States and Canada need only dial the area code for the British Virgin Islands (284) plus the local seven-digit number. Dialing out locally from Virgin Gorda villa rentals is easy as well - calls within Virgin Gorda are free from private phone lines, though purchasing a Caribbean phone card may make life easier if Virgin Gorda villa rentals' occupants are planning to do a lot of exploring around the island.

The most quickest and least expensive way of communicating from the Caribbean is by Internet and e-mail; the best Virgin Gorda villa rentals provide free Internet service, accessible at any time of the day. Cable televisions are also widespread throughout Virgin Gorda villa rentals, with local and international news networks at hand to keep up with world events.

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