Virgin Gorda Weather

Virgin Gorda BVI Virgin Gorda Weather

The biggest draw for most travelers to the Caribbean is, of course, the sunny climate, and Virgin Gorda weather is no exception. Virgin Gorda weather is consistently beautiful every month of the year, with warm temperatures that fluctuate little between seasons. Look for Virgin Gorda weather to reach the high 80s in the summer, with low 80s persisting through the winter months as well. At nighttime on Virgin Gorda, weather can get a bit chillier, but nothing that a light sweater couldn't help - most residents treasure the evening cool after hot afternoons. Also doing battle with potentially stifling Virgin Gorda weather are cooling trade winds, which drastically reduce the effect of the tropical heat and are felt all year round on Virgin Gorda, especially along the coast. This ingredient makes Virgin Gorda weather extremely pleasant, but moving to higher-altitudes on the island is an alternative escape, where the air is generally cooler and there are lots of trees for shade. Virgin Gorda weather tends to be wetter in the summer and early fall, but showers are typically short and relieve some of the humidity that builds up during the day. It is rare that blue skies do not puncture the clouds soon after a rainstorm.

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